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3 Things Your Grill Needs

Cleaning Grill with Brush

Your grill will continue to provide delicious steaks, skewers, and burgers with relatively little maintenance.  There are a few things, however, that you really need to do to keep your grill in good shape.  Here are tips from our grill cleaning technicians for keeping your grill clean, free from rust, and ready to cook:

  1. Clean After Use – Every time you grill out, you do need to take a few minutes and clean the grates. Just use wire bristled grill cleaning brush to scrub away the buildup and char, and you’ll be set.  Even if you don’t have a grill cleaning brush, in a pinch you can wad up a ball of foil and use grill tongs to rub away built-up grime from the grates.  Easy!
  2. Grill Cover – When not in use, your grill should be covered. Once you’re finished cooking out, let the grill fully cool down and then cover it with a grill cover.  This will keep the vermin, leaves, and debris out, and help ensure your grill is ready to go.
  3. Deep Cleaning – At least once per year, and more frequently if you grill often, your grill needs to be deep cleaned. You can do this yourself as a grill cleaning DIY project, but most homeowners want to avoid the epic hassle of deep cleaning BBQ grills.  The build up of grease, grime, charred meat, and other general grossness deters most homeowners, and since they know their grills need to be deep cleaned, they turn to highly rated grill cleaners to do the dirty work.  You can too!  Just find the highest rated grill cleaning team in your area, whether it’s Ponte Vedra, Mandarin, Riverside, Avondale, San Marco, or elsewhere in Jacksonville, and rely on the expertise of trained grill cleaning technicians for your grill.

Your grill is an investment, and it’s likely one of your favorite “tools” for cooking, so take the time needed to keep it clean, grease-free, and in good condition with deep cleaning.  GrillSOS is the best grill cleaning company Jacksonville FL homeowners and chefs rely on for keeping their grills and outdoor kitchens in great shape, and we’d love to help take care of your grill too!