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4 Tips for Great Marinating

grilled meats and vegatables

You know a great marinade when you taste it.  It adds depth and flavor to your grilled steak or chicken, and even though it takes time to gather and blend the right ingredients, it tenderizes your grilled meat and boosts the flavor exponentially.

Here are 4 tips to help you marinate your grilled meat better:

  1. Don’t overuse acids and enzymes. Acids like vinegar and lime juice, and enzymes like honey, miso, and pineapple juice help to bring out the best flavor of meat but also to soften it.  Therefore, don’t add too much acid or else your meat could dry out and veggies could become mush.
  2. Find the right balance and flavor profile. The ideal marinade has a balance of oils, acids, and herbs, seasonings, salt, and/or sugar.  There are plenty of recipes to be found online, but play around with your ingredients to find the perfect blend for the food you’ll be grilling.
  3. Soak safely. When marinating meat to be grilled, be sure you do so safely.  Never allow meat to sit out and marinate at room temperature; always let it marinate in the fridge.  Also, once the meat is done marinating, discard the marinade.  Don’t reuse it as a sauce or dressing later, since it will have been in contact with uncooked meat.
  4. Clean the grill afterwards! This tip cannot be overstated.  Marinades are delicious, but they are also drippy, and cling to the grates of your grill, causing flare ups, char, and buildup.  After every grill session, plan to scrub the grates of your BBQ grill with a stiff bristled grill cleaning brush, and to routinely hire a good professional grill cleaning company to make sure your grill stays in great shape for the long haul.

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