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4 Tips for Healthy Grilling

Grilling foods that are good for your grill

The simple fact is that food tastes better when it’s been cooked on a clean grill.  Beyond that, food is better for you when your grill is kept clean and certain important healthy grilling habits are followed.  Charring causes HAAs (heterocyclic aromatic anime) and PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) to form, both of which have been linked with cancer.

Here are tips for grilling delicious food that is not going to literally kill you down the road:

  • Prevent drips – Charring is caused when fat and juices drip down onto the coals or heating elements. Therefore, to prevent charring, do what you can to prevent the meat, fruit, etc. from dripping.  Shake off or blot excess marinade before placing meat onto the grates.  Avoid the temptation to press burgers onto the grate, since this will cause drips and flares.
  • Avoid sugars – Sugary glaze, marinade, or sauce will burn easily and produce charring. Consider simply basting these sugary marinades on when the meat is about to come off the grates.
  • Avoid high flames – High flames will flare up and cause charring. You can still heat the meat to safe temperatures using small or medium flames and simply testing with the right temperature.
  • Clean the grill adequately – Though it’s easier to just close the lid on your barbecue grill when you’re done cooking, or to quickly rub down the grates after grilling, deep cleaning by a great professional grill cleaning company is necessary to keep your grill clean and your food free from hazards. When burnt food forms carcinogens, or when metal is allowed to rust and the rust flakes fall into your food, you should not ingest these things.  It’s important to clean your grill after every use.  It’s equally important to perform deep cleaning on your grill routinely, or to call on a highly rated grill cleaner to deep clean it for you.

GrillSOS is the best grill cleaning company Jacksonville FL grill owners call on when it’s time to deep clean the barbecue grill.  Our highly trained and experienced grill cleaning technicians remove all elements from inside the grill, degrease and clean the grill’s interior, and soak the grates and other items in a custom grill cleaning bath, then scrub them clean.  The result?  A shining bbq grill, ready to cook pork loins, hand packed burgers, veggies, and anything else you and your guests and family want to eat for dinner.  Keep your grilled food delicious – and more importantly, healthy – by doing what neighbors in San Marco, Ortega, Mandarin, and Jacksonville do by calling on GrillSOS!