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5 Tips for Grilling Fish

Grilled Fish Fillet

Steaks and burgers are frequently the stars of barbecues and cookouts, but we think fish has star potential too!  Fish can be delicate and therefore tricky to grill, so follow our pro tips for grilling delicious fish:

  1. Preheat the grill. Fish will cook best if you’ve preheated your grill on high for at least ten minutes prior to cooking.
  2. Start with clean grates. Don’t defile your delicious fish with char and leftover burnt pieces of meat from your last cookout.  Always clean your grill after every use, and if a little “touchup” cleaning is needed for the grates, be sure to do it while the grill is preheating.  Fish needs to be cooked on clean and clear grates for the best results.
  3. Prep the fish. Leave the skin on fish to better keep it intact during grilling.  Marinate the fish for a least a few minutes prior to putting it on the grill.  If you skip the marinating, at the very least brush olive oil onto the whole fish before placing it on the grill so that it doesn’t stick to the grates.  Or, if you’d rather not place the fish directly onto the grill, wrap it loosely in foil or set it on a hardwood grill plank, such as cedar.
  4. Flip the fish gently. Gently flip the fish while it cooks.  You’ll need a spatula or tongs to do this.  A good way to ensure the fish is cooked thoroughly without needing to flip excessively is to let it cook on the skinless side for approximately 60-70 percent of the total cooking time, and then flip to the skin for the remainder of the cook time.
  5. Clean the grill. After cooking the fish, just as with cooking ANY type of food, you need to thoroughly clean the grill.  Use a wire bristled brush to rub off any residual bits of cooked meat that are clinging to the grates and any buildup of char.  Make sure your grill is clean and “reset” for the next cookout!

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