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Beware of this Grill Cleaning Myth!


Grill owners know the importance of keeping their grills clean.  Clean grills mean better tasting food!  However, there is a notorious grill cleaning myth that is a serious safety hazard to your grill and to you.

MYTH:The myth states that you can clean your grill by covering the grates with foil, cranking the heat up high for 20 minutes, and then simply brushing away the ash. Do not do this!  This method can actually break down the cooking grates and burners, damage the gas line, cause cracks in ceramic igniters, and even cause captured gas to combust.

CORRECT WAY:Keeping your outdoor kitchen in great shape begins with cleaning it after every use the RIGHT way: once you’re done cooking, let the grill cool slightly.  Use your grill brush to scrape away residue from the grates and burners, and then discard all debris that you removed.

Grill cleaning is a messy task, but if you want to keep your grill in great shape and your food tasting good, you need to clean your grill appropriately after using it, and then schedule professional grill cleaning at least once per year, or more if you use your grill frequently.

For the best Jacksonville FL grill cleaning, customers call on GrillSOS.  Our grill cleaning technicians are highly trained to deep clean all elements of your BBQ grill safely, thoroughly, and effectively. Our customers in Mandarin, Riverside, the beaches, and throughout Jacksonville trust us to keep their grills working great and looking great season after season.