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Do I Clean My Grill or Buy New?

Stainless Steel Grill

When you’ve gone too long between deep cleanings for your grill, you might start to wonder if it’s better to get in there and deep clean your grill or just buy a new one.  These tips can help you determine whether your need to replace your grill or just hire a good professional grill cleaning company to deep clean it for you.

  • Grease & Grime – Buildup of grease, grime, char, and bits of burnt food can be removed from your gas grill with deep cleaning. You can take on this project yourself, or do what many homeowners in Jacksonville Beach, Mandarin, and San Marco do and call on good professional grill cleaners to do the dirty work for you.  When your grill is greasy and grimy, there’s no need to throw it out and invest in a new one quite yet, but it is a good idea to hire a good local grill cleaner to get your grill back into good condition for you.
  • Filthy Surfaces – Sometimes barbecue grills are downright filthy. After months and months of use with no cleaning, or after a few seasons of neglect, gas grills need deep cleaning by a highly rated professional grill cleaning company.  However, even if it’s utterly filthy, you generally do not need to replace your grill; you can hire professionals grill cleaning technicians to tackle a deep cleaning.
  • Surface Rust – A bit of surface rust can be disheartening, but you probably don’t need to replace your gas grill yet. Instead, hire the best local grill cleaning service to deep clean your grill.  Good grill cleaning technicians are trained to expertly remove grease and grime but also light surface rust to restore your grill.
  • Rust Corrosion – If your grill was left to rust and the rust is corroding the metal on your grill, it is likely the grill – or at least certain components – will need to be replaced. Deep cleaning a grill that has extensive corrosion will not resolve the core issues brought on by neglect.

It’s important to clean your grill after every use, and to routinely schedule professional grill cleaning if you want to keep your outdoor kitchen or bbq grill in great shape.  However, we all make mistakes, and if your grill has gone too long without deep cleaning, you can call on us.  There are many good grill cleaning companies in the area, but GrillSOS is the best grill cleaning company Jacksonville FL homeowners trust with their grills.  Give us a call and let us help take care of your grill too!