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Does My Grill Need to Be Replaced or Just Cleaned?

Clean or replace grill

Your barbecue grill will last for years if you take good care of it.  However, after a few years of grilling out, cleaning up, and doing it all over again, how do you know if you need to buy a new grill or just deep clean the one you have?

There are certain issues that signify that you should replace the parts in your grill.  For example, if you see extensive corrosion on the burners, even after deep cleaning, it’s probably time to buy new burners.  (Check to see if they are still covered under your grill’s warranty.) Periodically check the gas hose for cracks and holes, and always be sure you replace the hose if either issue appears. If you find cracks or extensive rust in the heat source or firebox, you should likely start shopping around for a new grill altogether.

Here are some issues that indicate your grill probably just needs a deep cleaning from a good professional grill cleaner:

  1. Extensive grease buildup
  2. Patches of corrosion and surface rust (that has not yet penetrated the metal)
  3. Grease and grime in the grill hood
  4. Extensive buildup (grease, grime, etc.) on grill racks and grates, warming racks, flavorizer bars, etc.
  5. Full or filthy drip pans, pull-out trays, catch pans
  6. Grease, gunk, or surface rust on exterior of grill

To ensure your BBQ grill gets the best possible deep clean, find a highly rated grill cleaning service in your area.  The best grill cleaning companies find skilled technicians, train them, and outfit them with the best cleaning chemicals and tools in the industry. GrillSOS is the best grill cleaning company Jacksonville FL homeowners and grill owners depend on to get their grills degreased and shipshape.  Grilling out is an important part of leisure life whether you live on Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Mandarin, or Riverside, and we work to keep your grill in great shape all year long!