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Get Your Grill Summer Ready!

Get Your Grill Summer Ready

Summer is just around the corner!  Though it’s always grilling weather in Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach, Atlantic Beach, and San Marco, there’s something about the summer months that makes it especially appealing to fire up the grill.  Is your grill ready for the season?

How to be ready for summer cookouts:

  • Check for Propane Leaks – A propane leak can spell disaster. Turn on the propane on your grill and check to make sure you have no leaks by mixing some dish soap and water and running the mixture along the gas line and connections.  If you see soap bubbles, that means you have a leak and need to tighten the connection or replace the line.
  • Stock up on Propane – Get a second propane tank to have on hand.
  • Double Check the Grill Cover – A good grill cover is imperative for keeping your grill in good shape. The grill cover fends off rodents and lizards, helps prevent rust, and generally ensures leaves and debris stay off the grill when not in use.  Check the cover and if you see holes or tears, order a new one.
  • Supply Inventory – Check your supply of tongs, mitts, skewers, etc. If anything is rusted or damaged, get a replacement.
  • Deep Clean the Grill – Deep clean your grill. Even when you brush the grates after use, your grill needs routine deep cleaning to keep the elements functioning, keep grease and gunk at a minimum, and help prevent char.  Barbecue grills need to be deep cleaned at least once per year, and more frequently if they receive a lot of use.  This can be an unpleasant task, so you’ll want to either set aside a chunk of time and be sure you’ve got all the right cleaning supplies on hand, or call on the best local grill cleaning service to do the dirty work for you.

Your grill should be ready to go at a moment’s notice.  Once you’ve taken care of the checklist above, you’ll just need to find something to throw on the grill!

GrillSOS is the best grill cleaning company Jacksonville FL homeowners trust with their outdoor kitchens and barbecue grills.  Once you schedule your appointment, we’ll come to you, with our grill bath in tow!  Most grill elements get submerged in our grill bath, into extremely hot water and extremely effective and highly specialized cleaning solutions.  Gunk and grease will be scrubbed off, revealing sparkling grates that are ready for grilling.  The inside of your grill, drip tray, hood, and all other parts of the grill will be tirelessly scrubbed and degreased.  It’s easy to see why we’re the best Jacksonville FL grill cleaning company – you won’t believe how great your grill looks after a GrillSOS grill cleaning!  Call and let’s get your grill deep cleaned and ready for summer.