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Grill Cleaning in Cold Weather

Cleaning grill grate

Do you still have to clean your grill when it’s cold outside?  The short answer is yes.  If you are like many Jacksonville, Southside, and Ponte Vedra Beach homeowners, you grill outside all year long, and it’s just as important to clean your grill after every use, even in cold weather!

There’s good news, though: two important elements to grill cleaning are hot, hot water and exertion, so you’ll probably stay warm while you clean your grill in the cold!  In order to remove as much grime, char, and buildup as possible from your grill grates and other elements, you need to submerge them in extremely hot water and cleaning solution.  Once they soak in this mixture, you’ll then need to grab your grill cleaning brush and get scrubbing.  This is where the exertion comes in.  Burnt meat, charred marinade, and other gunk becomes bonded to the metal elements of your grill during the grilling process, and the built-up grease will not get released and removed without a lot of, well, elbow grease.  You need to clean your grill even in cold weather, and this is what it takes.

Most of our customers in Ortega, Mandarin, Riverside Avondale, and the Beaches choose to call on us to deep clean their grills in every type of weather.  Good professional grill cleaners know exactly what is needed to remove the grease and grime and get grills in shipshape order!  GrillSOS is the best professional grill cleaning company Jacksonville FL homeowners rely on to keep their grills clean and looking great, and we’d love to take care of your grill too!  Call on us for high quality professional deep grill cleaning.