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Grill Cleaning Myths Busted

Deep Cleaning v Replacing

Even seasoned grill owners can be taken in by false information, to the detriment of their grills!  Our expert grill cleaning technicians are busting these grill care myths – take a look!

MYTH 1: You can clean your grill by just turning up the heat, closing the lid, and letting the intense heat blast the inside of the grill for several minutes, and then just turn it off and clean away the ash.

FALSE!  This is not an effective way to clean your grill.  If you do this, you’ll most likely damage the burners and grates and risk damaging the gas line and ceramic igniters.  The right way to keep your grill in great shape is to scrape the grates clean after every use, using a stiff bristled grill cleaning brush, and then to call on the best local professional grill cleaning company at least yearly for a deep cleaning.

MYTH 2: A grill cover is just for decoration.

FALSE!  A grill cover is an important feature that keeps out leaves and debris, as well as rodents, lizards, insects, and other north Florida critters.  When you buy a good quality grill cover that fits your grill, you’ll be protecting your investment!

MYTH 3: Char is harmless.

FALSE!  The burnt fat and oil that create char on your grill grates and transfers onto your grilled meat is not healthy to ingest.  It’s important to scrape and brush off the char and buildup from your grill’s interior after every cookout and to routinely deep clean and degrease your entire grill or call on highly rated Jacksonville grill cleaners to do the dirty work for you.

With just some basic upkeep, your grill will deliver great tasting grilled food season after season, so clean it after use, keep a grill cover on it, and find the best grill cleaning service in your area to provide deep cleaning at least once per year.

The best grill cleaning company Jacksonville FL grill owners rely on for grill cleaning, deep cleaning, and even routine repair is GrillSOS.  We’ve served households in Mandarin, San Marco, Riverside, Ponte Vedra, Atlantic Beach, and throughout Jacksonville FL, and our team would love the chance to tackle your grill cleaning project!  Give us a call and let’s set up your grill cleaning appointment to get your BBQ grill ready for summer cookouts!