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High Quality Grill Cleaning

Cleaning Grill with Brush

When you’re serious about grilling, you know that quality matters in every step of the process.  It matters that you choose the best steaks at the shop.  And then it matters that you select the perfect seasonings and rubs for it, and it matters how you marinate it and for how long.  It also matters what type of surface you grill the food on.  Are you cooking your food on a clean grill, and how do you know if your grill was cleaned the right way?

Here’s what high quality grill cleaning looks like:

  1. Grill Bath – The best way to clean the grates and other elements of your grill is to submerge them in a “bath” of extremely hot water mixed with strong grill cleaning solution. If you have a deep enough tub, hot water, and the right grill cleaning agents, then together with several hours of personal time, you have what you need to deep clean your grill.  If not, a good local grill cleaning company will come outfitted for the job.  If you call on GrillSOS, our expert grill cleaner will arrive at your home pulling a trailer that doubles as a highly effective grill bath.  We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality grill cleaning!
  2. Thoroughness – High quality grill cleaning depends on thoroughness. Even if you have a grill bath in place, it’s not enough to just drop the elements into the bath and wait.  You have to roll up your sleeves (figuratively and literally), put on your protective gloves, pull out the wire bristle brushes, and get scrubbing.  The grease and grime from BBQs does not come off easily, which is why more and more homeowners in Jacksonville call on professional grill cleaners to handle their grill cleaning chores.
  3. Elements – The majority of the scrubbing will typically happen on the grill grates, but there are many other elements of the grill, and thoroughly cleaning each element is how you achieve high quality clean for your grill. The hood needs to be cleaned.  The drip tray needs to be cleaned.  The grill racks, warming racks, and heat plates need to be cleaned.  Even the thermometer and knobs should get degreased and cleaned.

There’s a lot involved in getting your grill completely clean!  You can spend the afternoon doing the dirty work, or you can call on a good professional grill cleaner, then sit back and let the pros take care of everything.  GrillSOS is the best professional grill cleaning company Jacksonville FL homeowners call on when the time comes for deep cleaning the grill.  We service Ponte Vedra Beach, Atlantic Beach, Riverside, Southside, and all around Jacksonville, and we’d love to get your grill deep cleaned and sparkling!