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How Frequently Should I Clean My Barbecue Grill?

Cleaning Grill with Brush

Your barbecue grill is an investment, but more importantly, it’s the center of parties, family dinners, and other fun that includes cooking outdoors.  So how often should you clean your grill?  This is what we recommend:

  • Basic Cleanup After Every Use – When you’re done grilling, give the grates a good scrubbing with the grill brush, empty the drip tray, and remove chunks of meat or debris once the grill cools down. This is good maintenance for your grill and will ensure it’s ready to go the next time you cook out.
  • Deep Cleaning (at Least) Biannually – All good quality barbecue grills need to be deep cleaned at least once per year, and more frequently if you grill out often. Grease, charred meat, and bits of food build up and need to be removed in order to ensure your food tastes great and is not harmful to eat.  Do-it-yourself deep grill cleaning is an option, but most grill owners choose to call on a trusted professional grill cleaning service to be sure the job is done right.

GrillSOS is the best grill cleaning service Jacksonville FL homeowners trust with their outdoor kitchens and barbecue grills.  It’s always grilling season in Mandarin, Riverside, San Marco, Fleming Island, and Jacksonville Beaches, so rely on high quality professional grill cleaning from GrillSOS to keep your grill clean and ready to go!