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How to Deep Clean a Gas Grill

Your gas grill receives a lot of use, especially in Northeast Florida where it’s warm all year round, and it’s an important part of your family’s outdoor space.  Even with brief cleaning after each use, buildup will appear on the grill and it’ll start to look worse for the wear. A thorough, deep cleaning is required in order to keep your grill functioning correctly and safely and your food tasting great.

Here’s how to deep clean your grill:

  1. Turn off the propane.
  2. Remove the grates, briquettes, burner protectors, and anything else that can be safely removed from inside the grill.  As you remove each item, use your grill cleaning brush, or even the metal edge on the backside of the brush to remove the chunks of charred food and other buildup.
  3. Fill a large, old bucket with soapy water.  Use mild dish soap and make the water as hot as you can handle.  Most of the items you removed from inside the grill can be placed in the soapy water to soak.  However, you need to be sure the briquettes do not become submerged or even wet.
  4. While your grill items are soaking, use the grill cleaning brush to scrape the inside of the grill.  Then use a shop vac to remove the gunk and grime you’ve scraped off.
  5. Use a sponge to clean the inside of the grill.  Saturate the sponge with the soapy water and scrub away.  You might even choose to spray some degreaser into the grill to help you remove excessive grease and gunk.  Because of the nature of the debris and buildup, as well as the rough surfaces and edges in the grill, you’ll likely go through several sponges as you clean.  This step also requires a lot of elbow grease!
  6. Remove the soapy water mixture and loosened debris either with a wet vac or with old towels or rags.  Then soak a new towel with plain water and wipe out the inside of the grill to remove any soap or degreaser residue.  Repeat this step until all soap is gone from inside the grill.
  7. Pull out the drip tray (slowly!) and discard the sludge that has accumulated during grill usage as well as cleaning.
  8. Scrub the grates that have been soaking in the bucket.  Use the sponge or grill brush to remove as much debris as possible.
  9. Put the grates back in, reassemble the grill, and turn the propane back on.

Once the grill has been deep cleaned, you might be tempted to fire it up and throw a few steaks on!  Food tastes better on a clean grill, so go right ahead.

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