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How to Keep Rust OFF of Your Grill

Grills are highly susceptible to rust, especially here in humid Northeast Florida.  After all, metal plus moisture almost always equals rust.  Use our tips to help keep your grill free of rust and in great shape season after season!

  1. Clean your grill after each use.  Once you’re done with the cooking, let the grill cool down but then clean it at that time.  Don’t wait until the next day or whenever you’re ready to use the grill again.  Use a sturdy grill brush to rub off the excess cooking debris, clean out what you’ve rubbed off from inside the grill, and then wipe everything down.
  2. Oil the grill.  Once you’ve cleaned your grill, rub the grates with a small amount of oil.  This thin coating of olive oil or other such cooking oil will preserve the grates and help keep rust at bay.
  3. Use your grill cover.  Invest in a grill cover and then actually use it.  The cover will keep moisture at a minimum, and therefore will help to lessen the risk of rust.  A cover will also help keep bugs and debris from getting into your grill.
  4. Schedule routine deep cleaning for the grill. Routine deep grill cleaning by a great grill cleaning service will help keep your grill in excellent shape. It’s recommended that you get your grill deep cleaned by a professional grill cleaner at least once per year, or more, depending on how frequently you use the grill.

GrillSOS is the best Jacksonville FL grill cleaning service and the company to trust with your grill!  We’re passionate about grilling and grill care, and we believe that great grilling depends on great grill care.  Our grill cleaning technicians are trained to thoroughly remove debris, rust, and gunk from each grill, scrub the interior of the grill and degrease it, and then submerge and scrub the grates and other interior parts of the grill.  The result is a gleaming grill, ready to cook outstanding food for you and your family and friends!  Join our thrilled customers in Riverside, San Marco, Fleming Island, Nocatee, and all along the Beaches and call on us for your deep grill cleaning!