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Optimizing Your Grill

Get Your Grill Summer Ready

Whether you’re cooking a simple dinner for your family or an elaborate cookout for a huge group of friends, you want the food you grill to taste great. How can you bring out the best from your grill? Here are the pro tips for keeping your grill in the best shape possible!

  1. Post-Grilling Quick Clean – After you’ve cooked the last burger of the night, use a good quality grill brush to quickly brush off the grill grates while they’re still hot. This is not a substitute for “real” cleaning or deep cleaning, but will remove a significant amount of buildup and char from cookout.
  2. Routine Deep Clean – Find a good local grill cleaning service and hire the grill cleaners to deep clean your grill from time to time. It’s recommended that you hire professional deep cleaning for your grill at least 1-2 times per year, and more if you grill out frequently.
  3. Maintenance & Repairs – When something isn’t functioning right on your grill, get it handled right away. Don’t hold off on repairs for your grill, or you could risk damage to the grill or danger to yourself.
  4. Cover & Care – When not in use, keep your grill covered so pests and debris don’t get into it. Keep it under the cover of an awning or overhang if possible to further protect it from the elements.

The best way to ensure your grill is in tip top shape, ready to cook the best steaks and skewers in town, is to hire a good local grill cleaning company to help keep your grill clean – REALLY, actually clean. The best grill cleaning companies arrive at your house ready to deep clean every component of your grill. Any part of the grill that can be submerged should be deep cleaned in a “grill bath” of scalding hot water and effective cleaning solutions. The inside of the grill should be degreased and scrubbed. The best grill cleaners in your area will have the technicians that are trained and experienced to deep clean your grill, handle repairs, and generally make sure it’s ready to grill delicious food for you and your family and friends! Southside, Ponte Vedra, Atlantic Beach, Riverside, and Jacksonville homeowners call on GrillSOS to help keep their grills in great shape. GrillSOS is the best grill cleaning service Jacksonville FL homeowners trust with their outdoor kitchens and grills and we’re the company you can rely on too!