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Prep Your Grill for Winter with These 4 Steps

For some of us, it’s never too cold to grill outside.  For others, when winter comes, it’s time to put the grill away till warmer weather returns. Here are the 4 things you need to do before putting your grill away for a time:

  1. Deep clean it. Get out the degreaser, roll up your sleeves, and deep clean your grill and all its accoutrements.  Or, better yet, call on a highly rated grill cleaning company to deep clean it.  A great grill cleaner has the expert supplies and cleaning solutions to clean your grill like it’s never been cleaned before!
  2. Turn off the gas.The most important safety precaution to take before packing your grill up for storage or while winter is here is to turn off the gas.
  3. Put on the cover.Make sure your grill’s cover is in good shape, with no holes or tears that can let lizards, rodents, and debris and leaves enter it.  If you need a new grill cover, purchase one at this time.  Make sure the cover is secure.
  4. Move it under additional cover.Once your grill is cleaned and covered, move it under additional shelter, such as under an overhang or into the garage.  The grill’s cover is great, but this extra measure of shelter is even better.

Summer evenings will be back before you know it, and it’ll be time to break out the grill and fire it up.  Till then, however, you can rest assured your grill is safe if you’ve taken these steps. Don’t underestimate the importance of a thorough deep cleaning for your grill before it gets packed away.  Any grease or debris left on the grates or around the grill can cause rust and other damage to occur while the grill is in storage.  Find the best grill cleaning service in your area and schedule an appointment before putting your grill in storage.  GrillSOS is the best professional grill cleaning company Jacksonville FL grill owners call on when their barbecue grills need to be cleaned.  Join your neighbors in Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Riverside, and Jacksonville and call on GrillSOS to clean and help maintain your grill!