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The 2 Grill Cleaning Basics

Grill and summer kitchen

If you’re like many of us in Northeast Florida, your grill gets year-round use and requires deep cleaning a bit more frequently than the recommended “norm” of twice per year.  Deep cleaning is important for keeping your grill in great shape and ready for all weekend barbecues and weeknight dinners that are required.  The basics that you need in order to clean your grill well can be narrowed down to two items: degreaser, and grease… elbow grease, that is.  Here are the details:

  1. Degreaser – The main culprit creating filth on your grill is grease, and you need to remove it from your grates, warming racks, briquette trays, hood, and drip pan in order to ensure your grill stays in good shape and ready to cook. A high-quality degreaser will generally do the trick.
  2. “Elbow Grease” – The other element you need in order to thoroughly clean your grill is good old fashioned elbow grease and hard work. Grease, char, and bits of cooked meat bond to your grill while you cook, and they have got to be scrubbed off.  It’s best to use a wire-bristled brush to help loosen the gunk, and also best to dunk any part of your grill that can be submerged into a mixture of hot water and degreaser to help remove the buildup.  After that, it often comes down to how hard you’re willing to scrub, and for how long.  Once you start scrubbing your grill grates that are caked with char, you’ll likely see why many grill owners call on the best local grill cleaners and let the professionals do the dirty work of deep cleaning barbecue grills!

GrillSOS is the best grill cleaning company Jacksonville FL homeowners rely on for their grill cleaning, and we’d love to provide our high-quality professional grill cleaning for your grill as well.  We use a state-of-the-art grill cleaning bath that consists of high-quality grill cleaning solution that we mix with extremely hot water.  We tow our grill cleaning bath right to your grill and deep clean your grill or outdoor kitchen onsite.  We’ve served countless customers throughout Riverside, Mandarin, Southside, San Marco, and along the Beaches, and we’d love to serve you and your grill as well!  You’ll love the results!