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The Importance of a Good BBQ Grill Cover

Your BBQ grill is an investment, and you know it’s important to protect your investment.  Here is what a good grill cover can do for you:

  • Protects from the Elements– Even if your grill is protected on a porch or under the roofline, it is still kept outside and therefore susceptible to the elements. In Jacksonville, Florida that means it experiences extreme heat, intense humidity, heavy rains, and all the other dramatic weather elements of the Southeast. In short, it needs the protection of a grill cover!
  • Prevents Rust– All those elements listed above can create rust and enable it to spread pretty quickly. Rust is notoriously tough to clean and can cause significant damage to your grill when left unchecked.  Help prevent rust with a great grill cover – it’s that simple.
  • Protects Fuel– A grill cover can keep your propane tank protected, and will also keep wood, charcoal, briquettes, and other items protected if you store them on or around the grill.
  • Keeps out the Critters– Lizards, frogs, and bugs of every shape and size can crawl all over an unprotected grill, to say nothing of possums, raccoons, and more! A simple grill cover keeps these things out and away from the grill that you’ll be using to cook your food!
  • Makes the Grill Easier to Clean– Rust, grime, animal droppings, leaves, and debris are all a hassle to deal with, especially when you just want to get down to grilling. When you keep your grill covered between uses, your grill stays pretty clean and won’t require much maintenance between uses.

If you don’t have a grill cover for your grill yet, head to the store or order one online as soon as you’re done reading this. You’ll also need to schedule a professional grill cleaning appointment to get your BBQ grill back in good shape!

Even if you know the importance of a good grill cover and dutifully cover your grill between uses, your grill will still benefit from a deep cleaning by a great grill cleaning company.

GrillSOS is the best Jacksonville FL grill cleaning company and the grill cleaning service to call on when your grill needs attention.  Grill masters throughout northeast Florida, including Ortega, Mandarin, San Marco, and throughout Jacksonville FL need a good grill cleaner they can trust, and that’s where we come in!