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Tips for Grilling Kebabs

Kabobs on the grill

Kebabs are fun to prep, fun to grill, and fun to eat.  If you’re grilling out this weekend, kebabs can make the whole gang happy!  Use our tips for grilling great kebabs (and for cleaning your grill after use) here:

  • Right Thickness – One key to grilling with skewers or grilling kebabs is to cut your veggies and meat the right way, making sure each piece is similar in thickness and density. This way, the steak, peppers, onions, zucchini – or whatever you’re grilling – are cooked evenly.
  • Right Marinade – Find (or make) the best marinade for the meat and veggie selections on the kebab. Also, of course, consider your guests’ preferences.  Regardless of whether you use a garlicky marinade, chimichurri, or a soy sauce citrus marinade, etc., you’ll need to clean your grill thoroughly after use.  Marinades are delicious, but you need to be sure to clean your grill after cooking kebabs in order to remove the sticky, charred mess that is left behind after grilling.
  • Stainless Skewers – Toss out your wooden skewers in favor of a stainless-steel skewer set. Sticking raw meat and vegetables onto a stainless-steel skewer is more sanitary – and therefore safer – than using the wooden counterpart.
  • Cleaning! – Never forget to clean your grill after use. While the grates are still hot, quickly brush away charred meat and other clumps that have stuck to the surface.  The easiest way to keep your grill clean is to give it a quick clean after every use and hire professional grill cleaners to deep clean your grill at least once per year.

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