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What Your Grill Is Telling You

Outdoor Grill Cleaning

Is your grill trying to tell you something?  Spots of corrosion, grimy buildup, and other issues can be signals that your grill needs cleaning or attention.  Here are some signs to watch for on your grill:

  • Too Much Char – If you’re getting thick char marks or pieces of char on your grilled food, your grill might be telling you it needs to be cleaned. It’s important that you brush off the grates after you grill out – every time! – and that you deep clean your grill a minimum of once per year, or more frequently, depending on how much you use your grill.
  • Greasy Buildup – If your grill has built up grease and grime, it’s time to call on a good local grill cleaning company. A filthy grill simply cannot cook great tasting food, so call on a highly rated Jacksonville grill cleaner before more buildup can appear!
  • Pollen or Leaves – If you’re finding pollen or dust buildup, leaves, or other debris in and on your grill, it’s time to invest in a good grill cover. You may also want to have the grill professionally cleaned to get the pollen and buildup removed before using the new grill covering.
  • Rust – If your grill has rust or corrosion, it’s time to take action! Call on GrillSOS or another good professional grill cleaning service to deep clean your grill.  If the rust and corrosion are significant, it may even be time to invest in a new bbq grill.

You take pride in your grill and outdoor kitchen, and pride in the food you cook on it, so keep your grill in great shape with regular deep cleaning.  If you don’t mind slogging through greasy work on a hot day, grab some high quality cleaning solutions, set up a grill bath for your grill’s grates and other features, and get ready to start scrubbing!  If you’d rather have the job done right by someone other than yourself, find a great local grill cleaning service and trust the job to the pros!

GrillSOS is the best grill cleaning company Jacksonville homeowners choose for their grill maintenance and cleaning needs.  Grilling and cooking outdoors is one of the best parts about living in San Marco, Southside, Riverside, Ortega, Ponte Vedra, and Atlantic Beach, so it’s important to keep your grill in tip top shape!  Our customers love our grill cleaning service, and we know you will too!