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How to Choose the Best Grill Cover

For many of us, the outdoor kitchen is used as frequently as the indoor one.  Grilling is an easy and satisfying way to cook, but let’s face it – it’s not the tidiest cooking method.  What are some easy ways to keep your grill clean?  We’ve got you covered with these 3 tips for keeping

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Deep Cleaning v Replacing

Even seasoned grill owners can be taken in by false information, to the detriment of their grills!  Our expert grill cleaning technicians are busting these grill care myths – take a look! MYTH 1: You can clean your grill by just turning up the heat, closing the lid, and letting the intense heat blast the

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Grill owners know the importance of keeping their grills clean.  Clean grills mean better tasting food!  However, there is a notorious grill cleaning myth that is a serious safety hazard to your grill and to you. MYTH:The myth states that you can clean your grill by covering the grates with foil, cranking the heat up

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