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grilling tips

Grilled Fish Fillet

Steaks and burgers are frequently the stars of barbecues and cookouts, but we think fish has star potential too!  Fish can be delicate and therefore tricky to grill, so follow our pro tips for grilling delicious fish: Preheat the grill. Fish will cook best if you’ve preheated your grill on high for at least ten

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Healthy Grilling Tips

Grilled food tastes great and is a good way to get real food on the table for your friends and family any night of the week, if you so choose! When done right, grilled food is not only fast and fun to cook, but also healthy. Use our pro tips for grilling healthier for yourself

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grilled meats and vegatables

Sure, grilled food is delicious, but it can also be good for you.  Here are things that make grilling a healthy choice: NUTRIENTS – Think of the food we put on the grill: it’s almost all meat, vegetables, and occasionally fruit, all of which are important for a healthy body. Strip steak, ribeye, and tenderloin

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Grilling foods that are good for your grill

The simple fact is that food tastes better when it’s been cooked on a clean grill.  Beyond that, food is better for you when your grill is kept clean and certain important healthy grilling habits are followed.  Charring causes HAAs (heterocyclic aromatic anime) and PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) to form, both of which have been

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How to Choose the Best Grill Cover

One of the simplest but most effective ways to protect your grill is to be sure you have the best grill cover for it.  Your grill should be covered when not in use in order to keep out debris, sand, and even critters.  So, what should you consider when looking for the right cover for

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