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grill rust remover

Stainless Steel Grill

When you’ve gone too long between deep cleanings for your grill, you might start to wonder if it’s better to get in there and deep clean your grill or just buy a new one.  These tips can help you determine whether your need to replace your grill or just hire a good professional grill cleaning

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Outdoor Grill Cleaning

Is your grill trying to tell you something?  Spots of corrosion, grimy buildup, and other issues can be signals that your grill needs cleaning or attention.  Here are some signs to watch for on your grill: Too Much Char – If you’re getting thick char marks or pieces of char on your grilled food, your

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Grills are highly susceptible to rust, especially here in humid Northeast Florida.  After all, metal plus moisture almost always equals rust.  Use our tips to help keep your grill free of rust and in great shape season after season! Clean your grill after each use.  Once you’re done with the cooking, let the grill cool

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