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grill cleaning

cleaned grill grate

When you spend significant time cooking outdoors at the grill, you’ll eventually ask yourself if you should deep clean your grill or just buy a new grill.  Do you roll up your sleeves and embark on a deep grill cleaning mission, or is it time to bid farewell and invest in a new grill?  Let’s

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Stainless Steel Grill

When you’ve gone too long between deep cleanings for your grill, you might start to wonder if it’s better to get in there and deep clean your grill or just buy a new one.  These tips can help you determine whether your need to replace your grill or just hire a good professional grill cleaning

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Grill and summer kitchen

If you’re like many of us in Northeast Florida, your grill gets year-round use and requires deep cleaning a bit more frequently than the recommended “norm” of twice per year.  Deep cleaning is important for keeping your grill in great shape and ready for all weekend barbecues and weeknight dinners that are required.  The basics

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Cleaning Grill with Brush

When you’re serious about grilling, you know that quality matters in every step of the process.  It matters that you choose the best steaks at the shop.  And then it matters that you select the perfect seasonings and rubs for it, and it matters how you marinate it and for how long.  It also matters

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grilled meats and vegatables

You know a great marinade when you taste it.  It adds depth and flavor to your grilled steak or chicken, and even though it takes time to gather and blend the right ingredients, it tenderizes your grilled meat and boosts the flavor exponentially. Here are 4 tips to help you marinate your grilled meat better:

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Grilled Steak

Some like it rare, some like it medium rare, so how do you grill steak perfectly for everyone?  We have the tips you need to grill a great steak! Marinate – If you’re seasoning your steak with a marinade, it’s ideal to let the steak rest in the marinade for at least 30 minutes. Depending

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